According to Dr. Valack, the Beast of Gevaudan was formerly a human in the late 1700s, the time of the original massacre caused by werewolve attacks.

Gerard describes the tale of how Sebastien Valet, a French soldier in the 1760s. While escaping from British soldiers in Canada, he shifted into a werewolf after drinking rain water from the paw print of a wolf left after a shower of rain. This allowed him, through unexplained means, to transform into an enormous werewolf whose body is covered by smoke-like shadows.

Once the person became the Monster, there were many different descriptions of it. Witnesses allegedly described everything from a red-furred giant wolf to a cloven-hoofed panther how size is equivalent to a horse. According to The Argent Family lore, passed done by Gerad’s grandfather the Beast’s body was oil-black, yet solid but shapeless at the same time. It looked like a shadow pretending to be real.

Officially, the Beast is accused of murdering 113 people. According to the Dread Doctors, via Theo, the grave toll was closer to 500. During the time of the original incident that took place in Gevaudan, many people believed that the Beast solely killed for sport, as it never ate its victims and would only aim for head and neck of its prey. Sebastien’s best friend, Marcel, covered up sebastans crimes until Marie discovered the truth behind them.

The only weapon that historically demonstrated to be effective against the Beast was a steel pike handled by his sister, Marie-Jeanne Valet. The metal was formed from Wolfsbane, Mountain Ash and had been forged with her own blood beneath the light of a full moon.

After his death, Sebastien was completely erased from history by a Romain practice. His sister burned everything he signed and everything possession he owned in a manner known as Damnatio Memoriae.

Scott describes a similar incidence of this in reference to the Demon Tailor, a real world serial killer. He drew children into his shop in Paris where he would kill them, boil them and them eat their skin. The court ordered that all documents of the case be destroyed, thereby expunging his memory from history. The case Scott cites occurred in 1598, but he and Stiles link this narrative to the Beast as well.

What We Become In Powers Wake



How power can change an individual is the main subject in everyday life since we think it has nothing to do with influence or changes to daily life. But the truth is you do change with the more power you get cause it can give you the freedom you have been looking for you entire life and not matter the cost you will attain this fact. Many strive and grind with no ability to rise since they can’t see the path layered ahead of them or even to attempt to forge their path.  This can be displayed in teen wolf quite well since it ties back into the story of a child challenging all nay-sayers, obstacles, and circumstances to choose a path he determined.  According to Teen Wolf Mythicism, the Kanima was formed while Jackson Whittemore’s emotional issues prompted his body to refuse the bite of the Alpha currently Derek. Instead of becoming a werewolf, Jackson shifted into a reptile combination between a snake and a lizard. We are led to understand that this shape reflected his inner confusion and outward expression. This example of how some things show you what defines you as a person is can manifest with more substance in your life for better or worse. To bad I can’t use this secret  to make myself so much more stronger so i wouldn’t need to call Moving companies Calgary to complete my own tasks.We see this to be true about Peter and how he choose to fuel himself of hatred and revenge causing a ripple effect ruining everything that he should cherish like family members but he killed one. (more…)

Tailor Of Nightmares


One of the more interesting things about teen wolf season 5 is all the references to more historical records of famous werewolves intent on destroying the world by becoming a monster so terrible no one could stop. It appears as if lycanthropes were a Plague in Europe throughout the Middle Ages. So many horrible crimes were perpetrated by individuals indicted regarding shapeshifting and sorcery, most reputable the Beast of Gevaudan in France. Only one particular loup garou committed felonies so terrible that judges tried to eradicate all mention of him from the accounts. It was December 14, 1598, during a seemingly ordinary day a tailor from Châlons, France, got himself in court facing various crimes. Reeking destruction like no other person could do meaing no chance of mending could be one by someone like hvac repair calgary His title has vanished since that very day, yet everything he did would remain on as nightmares for ages. At his workshop in Paris, the tailor was accused of luring kids in, seizing and torturing/sexually exploiting them before slicing wide their windpipes. Then, the tailor interchanged his role of tailor for that of a butcher; he placed out their bodies, disunited them neatly, sliced them up like a side of beef, and had them for his meal. This sounds like a simple case of cannibalism, but that he supposedly captured more children by lurking the nearby forests at night after taking the form of a werewolf. A sentence of guilty was promptly reached. The tailor was condemned to burn at the stake, which remained customary for witches, werewolves, and other demoniac people at the time. From the courtroom up until his body was ravaged by fires, the Werewolf of Châlons made no attempt to plead for his innocence. He continued to cuss and curse in the most evil of fashions until his last breath.Of course, we can’t review his case and explore it further in modern times. All we’re left with is the story as it has been passed along over the centuries. The court felt that the acts of the Demon Tailor were so horrible and shocking that no one should ever dare read the accounts ever again. Just like the cannibalistic serial killer, the court documents were burned to ashes.

Power Within


The concept of power in life has become confined to the idea that money and resources are the only forms, but that is not true every should you can gain power through various means to attain your goals. Teen Wolf is a classic case, of this since it displays the importance of gaining inner strength to overcome all the different circumstances arise to test your will and endurance to grind into a better life. Peter Hale and Deaton bring up this fact on a regular basis to better teach Scott what he needs to defeat seemingly undefeatable enemies intent on destroying everything he most holds dear. Displays the distinct characteristics need to grow real power. You don’t see him do much more than intimidate and watch since he pretty much appears undefeatable. I respect this aspect of him because fear or honor usually is a one or another choice not many characters strive to attain no matter the cost. Most people attempt to turn their stature in life by scratching and hurting to a higher level of existing. Deucalion also stated that their alpha pack system was the new method of overcoming weakness together that regular packs could offer. He even allows the option of trash removal kill off the surviving pack members  yourself to gain their power and become a great whole altogether. From Hell in exchange for strength is the creature known of the demon wolf the end of this world as he already said, shows a total departure from principal societal s and resorting to monstrous tendencies as one path leading to true power. In beacon hills once a long time ago all packs turned to the nematon and the emissaries that spoke on it, teaching the balance between kindness and cruelty for a more in sighted view on situations representing a particular respect amongst the alphas uniting them under a common cause of freedom without persecution or hatred. Until power hungry people decided to shift all, seeing no other alternative to prevent a battle from following Gerard kills everyone who came to a peace agreement with Deucalion and later lied about what occurred. Now being blind Deucalion must find an alternative to falling from his position which meant killing everyone in his group which is kind of a Metaphor for getting rid of people who hold you back which later is what Gerad tried to do by taking out his crew to receive the bite from Derek. So he can find a different form of power draw from

Demon Wolf Appears

Deucalion also is known for being the demon wolf ties into the whole idea of what it means to be an alpha. The fact a whole pack of Alphas follows him with no real issue arising shows a level of respect is given to both his power and wisdom. Not long after kidnapping Boyd and Derek’s sister Corra learned of a boy who displays the particular characteristics need to become a true alpha. You don’t see him do much more than intimidate and watch since he pretty much appears unbeatable. I respect this aspect of him since fear or respect usually is a one or another choice not many people strive to attain no matter the cost. Most people aim to change their stature in life by clawing and biting to a higher level of being. Deucalion also stated that their alpha pack arrangement was the new way of overcoming weakness together that normal packs could offer. He even offers the option to kill off the remaining pack members yourself to stain your soul.  From Hell in exchange for power is the being known of the demon wolf the end of this world as he once said, shows a total separation from principal societal s and resorting to monstrous tendencies. One thing I have always wondered was how Deucalion got around since they never seem to take a car, I mean you see Stiles beat up Jeep looking like it needs a towing company on the regular. (more…)

Hunters Way


Fighting against obstacles such as werewolves, hunters, the nemeton, as well as a Darach makes Scott a real leader unbowed by the will of others. One of the realist characters of this tale is the Argents hunters determined to protect innocent civilians from the creatures that hunt us. I mean even their motto is we hunt those who hunt us which they back through acts that could be defined as cruelty by some righteous by others. The leader of this family is Gerrard Argent the madmen also known for being a determined murder who burst into the world from the belly his mother tainted by sick views implanted into his mind. What amazes me is that Chris was more motivated by a code of honor taught to him by other family members. This way keeps priorities in check when killing threats to local populace instead of murdering innocent people like the monster others would portray it as hypocritical garbage. The hunter code is a combination of different old world beliefs formed over the years of vicious skirmishes such as the Beast of Gevaudan a terrifying demon werewolf, so terrible records of its human identity stricken from history. As Gerard retells, Sebastian Valet a werewolf in the 1760s after drinking rain water from the paw print of a wolf. This interesting enough allowed him through new means, to transform into a monstrous werewolf whose body is surrounded by smoke like shadows. While the war against the British waged in France a man became the beast, there were many different descriptions through days that passed of what it appeared as. Various witnesses’ accounts were describing everything from a giant red wolf or a panther cloven-hoofed the size of a horse. Though according to Gerard’s family lore passed on by his grandfather, the beast’s entire body was oiled black solid but shapeless as a shadow at the same time. It was like fighting a phantom pretending to be real. What intrigues me is why the Argents have chosen to be a strictly Matriarchal based family based on a story that told of a girl who defeated a monster with a spear though with the help of some extraordinary people that happen to men. That’s why Gerard is interesting to watch since he obviously is against any form of stupidity in place of the power of glory that he deserves.

A leader Is Born

The balance between good and bad that Scott must keep in beacon hills creates an adventure of betrayal, loyalty, and ascending past one’s limits to a point where you stand above all naysayers and foes. Reminds me of all the stories of righteous justice I read when I was young meant to show obstacles exist for two reasons one humbling us before the world, the second reasons is for us to reevaluate your path up onto this moment creating a real epiphany of guidance. That make one question aspects of the choices we make changing how can grow to define yourself. The statement team free will is described best by Scott Mccall resilience against the oncoming storm of enemies challenging his way of life. This story begins with Scott in the woods with Stiles searching for a dead body leading him into a confrontation with an alpha werewolf. For some reason, it bites Scott on his side leaving the rest of him uninjured to come up with an exit plan. Taking a moment to gather himself Scott jumps in the river running beside him to escape the conflict. Holding his breath for a few minutes as the current carried him downstream the predators path. Walking out the water Scott notices blood spilling from his right side needing medical assistance with discretion he breaks into a veterinarian office. Stitching the close wound Deaton the animal physician appears finding our wounded protagonist instead of calling the cops he offers Scott a job. Following these events, Scott wakes up in the morning feeling incredible all existing weaknesses disappeared including asthma that had adverse effects on extracurricular activates. The most impacting moment is when Scott tries out for the lacrosse team and makes it as co-captain surprising his teammates as well as the coach. His eventually run in with the werewolf that turned him expectedly things didn’t go as planned now a confrontation formed even though this villain’s identity is still unknown. Derek Hales tutelage help Scott come to terms with what he need to be when the time calls, demanding a terrible death for this monstrous creature. Later it is revealed Peter Hale is Pack Alpha meaning both Scott and Derek now have to choose omega status freedom or beta allegiance, which will end in a battle with the local hunters named the Argents. Scotts need to develop defenses against well-powered enemies shows an understanding of what needs to be done not just for survival but victory in its self. One of the most interesting points of this series is when Scott learned to roar as a werewolf which displayed progression into a form that later on will astound all those who would follow. Peter know something was special about this child that’s why he choose him to become one his betas in an elaborate plot aimed at disposing of a selective group of people. The term that best describes our protagonist is a true Alpha, which is some who rises to the occasion through fortitude carried by will. Tieing back into why he is a remarkable person fighting improbable odds with his friends.

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